Dear Wine lovers

This months wine tasting at Myrtledene will be:

Date:  05 February 2015

Time:  19h00

AT:  Hofstraat Kelder – Myrtledene Plaas, Malmesbury

Musical Wine Tasting: Rockstar winemaker meets jazz giant

Adi Badenhorst, one of the leading lights of the Swartland Independents will present the wines, Mac McKenzie, iconic guitarist the music. The one born into wine the other into music. Their products complex but not hard to understand, nourishing body and soul.
Mac and friends Ramon Alexander (piano), Dawn Carter (cello) and Chad Hendrickxs (trumpet and flugelhorn) will play an exciting programme of crossover music, mixing classical, jazzy and original African sounds.


Admission: R 100* (music)

R70         Chicken kebabs   served with salad, pita bread & cucumber yoghurt and glass of wine



Book online here by clicking the picture below or at Cherry Lane

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